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No matter what organization you’re a part of, team building is an important activity. Bonds are established, along with trust, improved collaboration, creativity and much more. It forces people to interact with each other in a new environment, as well as in unique circumstances they otherwise would have never been involved in. Some of the most simple team building activities are games.

team building games

When we’re children, we’re taught games that help us better interact with the people around us. Even as adults, playing games is an effective tool for building trust within a group. Some of the best games for team building include The Game of Possibilities, which asks each person in the group to demonstrate a good use for an object, and Truth and Lies, which asks each person to come up with three facts about themselves and one line. As each person shares, the group must guess which is the lie. There are a variety of great team building games, ice breaker games and outdoor games that can help your group work more like a team, rather than a collection of individuals.

team outing ideas

Another great idea is to take a team outing. When people get out of the office, they tend to relax and reveal more about themselves. Some fun and constructive corporate outings include volunteering, mystery dinners, cooking classes and karaoke. Field trips are great for boosting morale, too.

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